MacOS at Ubuntu VM


Preparing steps

I took that debian scoped manual and used the different steps on my laptop running ubuntu 20.04 instead.
As it is in the Linux world every distro has its own details but in general you can do more or less the same on all of them. Especially between debian and ubuntu there are not that many differences.

So, let’s get started!

sudo apt-get install qemu-system qemu-utils python3 python3-pip

//unzip to <exportfolder>

cd <exportfolder>
. --catalina

qemu-img create -f qcow2 macos.qcow2 30G

//add following at end of file
    -drive id=SystemDisk,if=none,file=macos.qcow2 \
    -device ide-hd,bus=sata.4,drive=SystemDisk \
//save and close

//clover starts
//hit install
Clover (even with updated solution and setup system)
//Get into Disc Utility to format the virtual stroage to APFS
Starting the Disk Utility Program
I remained the name „Untitled“. That’s not that beautiful in the end, maybe choose another one.
//reinstall macOS
Hit the reinstall point when checking this menu the second time
//the "reinstall" step will take some time. On an  i7-8550U with 16GB RAM it took about 45 minutes. The final macos qcow2 medium was about 26.5GB of size.
Welcome to the macOS world
//now, after getting through the first start configuration, shutdown the machine
There it goes, the first shutdown!
//install virtual manager (GUI) for maintainance
sudo apt-get install virt-manager

//add the created VM to the virt manager (within the export folder)
./ --add macos.qcow2
//this answered with "template.xml has been generated in /<what>/<ever>/<folder>
Domain macOS-Simple-KVM defined from template.xml"

//start the virt-manager
Menu entry of the just installed virt-manager
Overview of the main window of the virt-manager GUI

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